A bit about us.........


  We've both been in the hair industry for over 25 years! So when we met, about 6 years   ago (Seems way longer!) We had an instant connection leading to a fabulous     friendship. We always laugh at how we are pretty much the same person, having five   different conversations at once and even finishing each others sentences!

  But what's great with us is that we also found we had the same work ethic, we   could bounce ideas off one another and bore each other to death talking about   wedding hair and our businesses all day long!


  So, sooner or later The Wedding Hair Workshop was bound to happen. Both already   very busy with our established wedding hair businesses we had often discussed how   there were such limited courses out there that provided current styling for

 hairdressers to update their skills.

  We wanted to inspire and get hairstylists excited about different techniques that

 were floating about on the internet, a workshop that didn't cost the earth and be

 looked at as a refresher course taught in one day.


  We'd had feedback from many hairstylists that had lost confidence and   inspiration along the way, as well as make-up artists wanting to add hairstyling to

 their portfolio.

  Thus The Wedding Hair Workshop was created and we love, love, love what

we do, and, so we're told, it shows in our Workshops.

 We have met some wonderful people and we like nothing better than seeing how   everyones confidence comes through during a Workshop with us.


  Providing aftercare to, with a Facebook group for our stylists (Wedding Hair Warriors)

 to join so everyone can join in the conversation and get involved and also discuss   weddings all day long!


  So get inspired and come and join us and become a Wedding Hair Warrior too!


 Lots of love & styling 

    Tina & Lynnette